I live in northern South Dakota, on a farm with my husband and 3 kids. We have cattle and grain crops, and my own flock of chickens. They are fun, funny, and give me breakfast! Rural living was definitely an adjustment for me. I grew up just outside of Denver, CO. Where we currently live, we are about 100 miles from the nearest Walmart or Target. Thank goodness for our local grocery store and Amazon! But I can’t imagine living any other way now.

My goal with my blog and coaching is to help others understand how to navigate our chaotic, challenging, wonderful, lovely lives by teaching self-care, independent thinking, and personal organizational skills. This is geared toward moms who tend to neglect themselves in their caring. With these tools, you will become more organized, less self-critical, reduce stress, and find yourself in a much happier place. 

To accomplish this, I’ve been working on doing all of this for myself and removing my own personal stigma against failure, self-doubt, insecurities, and talking about real life.  

So, let’s put on our Wonder Woman capes, open up our hearts and minds, and do this together!