Stay at Home Mom Myths Debunked

13 Stay at Home Mom Myths Debunked

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Every stay at home mom has encountered some sort of preconceived notion about the type of person that chooses to spend all day every day with her kids. I’m here to debunk those myths!

Let me also say this; Moms that work outside of the home are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I used to be one of them myself! This post is in no way meant to undervalue or offend any of you wonderful working mamas out there!

1. Stay at Home Moms get to watch all the daytime T.V. we want.

Myth: All Stay at Home Moms get to sit around and watch T.V. all day.

Truth: We are not, in fact, like Peg Bundy. We have chores we do and typically are running around after the kids. If the T.V. is on, it is likely on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not Judge Judy.

2. Stay at Home Moms get to play all day with the kids.

Myth: Stay at Home Mom’s don’t have to do anything but play with their kids. What is so hard abou that?

Truth: While we might want to play with the kids all day, the truth is that there is really too much to do. Between cooking and cleaning, and running errands, it doesn’t leave as much time as we would like.

Stay at Home Mom Myths Debunked

3. Stay at Home Moms are home all day so they should be able to have time for (insert activity here)

Myth: You stay home all day so why can’t you volunteer for “this” or have time for “that”?

Truth: While most of us would love to be able to “do it all” the reality is that being at home full time is actually a full time job. Maintaining a house with little kids running around all day is a lot harder that most people think (myself included before I became a SAHM).

4. Every day is a walk in the park.

Myth: You are just home with your kids, that must be so easy!

Truth: Some days are great, but most days aren’t. There’s almost always fights to break up, yelling at some point (or a lot of points), and hearing “mom” 853 times before lunch can really, truly, get on your nerves. We’d love it if all our days at home were perfect, but that just isn’t the way it goes.

5. You have it so easy, like all those mom on T.V.

Myth: All Stay at Home Moms live like Daniel the Tiger’s mom, or Carol Brady.

Truth: More of us Stay at Home Moms are closer to Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) than we are to Carol Brady. We lose our temper, we yell, we mess up. We aren’t perfect with unlimited amounts of patience.

Stay at Home Mom Myths Debunked

6. You must have the patience of a Saint.

Myth: You must have never-ending patience to be at home with your kids all day.

Truth: While most of us Stay at Home Moms wish we had the patience of a saint, we don’t. Like I said in number 5, we aren’t perfect with unlimited amounts of patience. I lose my temper and yell at the kids. It’s like they can’t hear me if I don’t yell at them!

7. I never see you, do you ever leave the house?

Myth: All Stay at Home Moms love being in the house all day and never go anywhere.

Truth: While I’m sure this may be true for some, it is not true for all. We do enjoy getting out of the house. Bringing the kids to the park to burn off steam, or in my case, letting them run around the farm. Our outings may be more limited to places like the grocery store and getting gas at times (dealing with 3 kids while trying to get things done while out and about is a lot harder than you think), we still love getting out, going places, and seeing people.

8. Dad’s don’t have to help.

Myth: It is your job so the dad shouldn’t have to help you.

Truth: In today’s world, dad’s need to be showing a better example for their kids. They need to show that dad’s are capable, and responsible, for household chores too, like doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or putting laundry away. While most Stay at Home Moms do most of these tasks regularly we still need help from time to time (hello burnout!) and it shows the kids that we are a team. 

Stay at home mom myths debunked

9. Stay at Home Moms don’t deserve time to themselves.

Myth: You don’t work outside of the home so why do you need time to yourself?

Truth: We have tiny humans crawling all over us all day, demanding our attention nearly all day, and we’ve been busy all day keeping said tiny humans alive all day (some days I thank their guardian angels repeatedly). We need a break. We need to have time to recharge our own batteries, to enjoy a quiet car ride, or simply do something for ourselves that is only for our self, guilt free. When we have that time to ourselves, we are able to recharge. We are then able to take better care of those tiny humans.

10. You are just raising shy kids. 

Myth: Staying home with your kids is just making them shy.

Truth: It is really up to each kids’ own personality. All 3 of my kids are very social. My 2 daughters spent their first years in daycare. They are both very social kids. I became a SAHM just before becoming pregnant with my son. He is almost 2 years old now and loves people. He does have a harder time when I do leave, but that doesn’t make him a shy kid. There are plenty of kids who go to daycare and are naturally shy. It is all okay. They have their own personalities.

Stay at home mom myths debunked

11. Your house must be so clean!

Myth: You are home all day so you must have a spotless house!

Truth: In all honesty, when I became a Stay at Home Mom, I thought this. I thought my house would be SO much cleaner with me home all day. What I didn’t factor in was kids! Now, i am sure there are some Stay at Home Moms out there who are able to keep a spotless house, but most of us can’t. With kids running around doing what kids do, we are constantly in a messy, toe stubbing, cluttered countertops, state.

12. Just uneducated moms choose to stay home

Myth: Who would choose to waste their brain away with kids all day?!

Truth: A lot of Stay at Home Moms have a college degree. they just made the decision of what was best for them and their famliy. Even those of us without a college degree (I didn’t attend college) aren’t dumb. We have SO MUCH to offer the world. 

13. Stay at Home Moms and Working Moms don’t get along.

Myth: Stay at Home Moms and Working moms are rivals.

Truth: Some moms are at their best because they work, and that is WONDERFUL! Some moms are at their best because they stay at home with their kids, and that is WONDERFUL! Some of my closest friends are working moms and we love each other just the same. We are all moms just trying to do our best. 

Stay at home mom myths debunked

Being a mom is hard!

The job of every mom is hard, whether she is a stay at home mom, working outside of the home, or working at home. We each  have our own challenges to face. We are all great moms too. The more we acknowledge that, the sooner we will begin to enjoy our own journey.

If you are thinking of becoming a Stay at Home Mom, a new Stay at Home Mom, or a Stay at Home Mom that is needing a little guidance, check out my Beginners Guide to Being a SAHM.


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